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7 Hours in South Goa

7 Hours in South Goa

We recently went to Goa for the weekend. Most of the people were not very kicked about the “season”. However we found a gap and made the most of it. One of my dear friend is a proud Goan and South Goan for that matter. It was awesome to find her there at the time and fix our itinerary. Our goal for this trip was clear: Relax, swim, eat, go around, relax, sleep and back.

While most of the people try to sell the North Goa to us, it is clearly a very popular destination and works like an oiled machine. Have you you been to a beach that makes you feel “I can live here”, at Goa? We went to three such beaches and we literally came back with dragging feet.

Top 5 differences between North and South Goa:

1. North Goa is commercial, South Goa is learning the trade; still some glitches.

2. North Goa hotels/resorts allow self drive vehicles to be parked in their property. Taxi unions create a ruckus and it gets kinds violent in the South. We calculated the cost of renting the car and taking the cab; it was almost the same.

3. North Goa beaches are very popular and have shacks that are open throughout the year. South does not have that luxury, most of the shacks are closed.

4. North Goa beach sand has turned more murky over the years. South Goa still has pristine and white sand beach, also they are very clean.

5. North Goa has a lot of tiny hole in the wall cafes and pop-up’. At South Goa, one needs to rely heavily on hotel/resort restaurants.

So here is a suggested itinerary for a day trip to South Goa:

4 pm: Leave for Colva Beach – It is slightly crowded, owing the bollywood movie popularity. There are lots of options of water sports as well. The undercurrent and rough sea in May causes them to shut little early. Enjoy an ice candy at one of many ice cream carts and look at the what the fuss is all about. Take the sea, sun, sand and few nosey peoples’ ego in.

4.30 pm: Leave for Cavelossim Beach/Mobor Beach- Pack some local, cut raw mango with salt and chilly and head to the beach of calm and soft sand. These beaches are a part of the 12km straight sand and sea line with nothing between them. Varca, benaulim, cavesollim etc all lie in the straight line. This one is near Radisson Blue, Goa. Sit next on the only shack at the beach or take a long walk and enjoy how small crabs and fishes come ashore and find a way back to the water.

5:00 pm: Leave for Baradi Hills- This gorgeous church and cross remind you of how religion and nature nurture reach other. The view from this place is magnificent. One can see tall palm trees, sea, estuaries and the sea. Goa looks extremely surreal with no sky scrapers blocking your view.

5:20pm: Leave for Cabo-Da-Rama fort- One must try to rush to this fort as it closes just after sunset, also sunsets are most gorgeous from here. The black walls and loose lying canons over look the vast ocean. The wind keeps you sane but the view keeps you from leaving the place. The water seems like splashing to our feet and the vastness of the space makes one feel very important and special.

6:30pm: Stop at Mi Amore- One must take a quick look at a lovely hotel on the hills. The place offers huts to stay in [only after September] too. They have tables and chairs laid out at the end of the cliff and once can enjoy the view with some food and drinks. Since we went there at an off season time, they offered us to sit at the cliff for as long as we want and extended warm Goan Hospitality.

7:00pm: Leave for Palolem beach- Indulge in some retail therapy, enjoy live music or sit by the beach at The Beach house restaurant and have dinner. The day shall leave you exhausted but you shall also have lasting memories to remember by.

We took an innova from the nearest taxi stand and paid about Rs. 3500 to cover about 130km and 7 hours.

Hope you will be inspired to explore the South Goa, soon.


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