by Pallavi Purani

7 tips to keep your Oven clean

7 tips to keep your Oven clean

According to a survey, the least favorite chore among households is oven cleaning. What makes it so un-favourable is the fact that is seems so time consuming. We hope the quick and easy on the pocket tips will help you get the oven clean with less effort.

1. Cleaning starter- Steam acts on stains and grease and make them easier to clean off. In an oven-proof or heat proof bowl fill water, crank up the heat on the oven to maximum and let it sit there for about 1.5 hours. The dirty portions shall be really hot, wear proper gloves and using a scraper collect all the grease and wipe it off.

2. Cleaning tools- It is wise to keep all the tools handy for use. Paper towels, old cloth towels, cleaning solutions, toothbrush, scrubber, blunt knife/scrapers, soft cloth, etc. These things are readily available as a part of the cleaning process.

3. Cleaning the oven door- Most of the doors come with a removable attachment; in case you have one, take the glass out and soak in a tub with warm water. Add a little glass cleaner solution and detergent to the water. Let it soak for 3-4 hours. Use a soft scrub to take off any stains that are still stuck on it. You need be little rough on the stains so that you get them all in one go.

4. Cleaning the oven racks- The racks seem the most difficult part of it all. However it is extremely simple to clean them. We use the same method as the door, but we add hot water and stronger detergent. Leave the racks in this solution overnight or for 5-6 hours. Clean the tougher stains that do not get away, using an old tooth brush.

5. Baking Soda trick- Make a paste of liberal amount of baking soda and vinegar and sprinkle evenly in the oven. Leave it for 6-7 hours and using a scrub clean the stains right off. If the stain is really stubborn, add a little salt on it to create friction. Scrub them off using a tooth brush. Clean the oven with a damp cloth a couple of times. Once done, leave the door open for all odors to escape.

6. Oven cleaning products- Thick cleaning solutions like Cif’s work well as well. Use them on the non-removable and removable parts of the oven and scrub with a rubber scrubber, gently. They are non- sticky and are tough on the stains.

7. Cross Ventilation while cleaning- It is imperative that you keep windows and doors open to allow fresh air in the kitchen. However non-toxic the cleaning solution might be, it is always recommended to allow fresh air to come in contact and oxygenate the cleaning process.

Happy cleaning 🙂

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