by Pallavi Purani

Product Review: #Britannia cake Nut and Raisin Romance

One fine day, my mail box had a green envelope with mysterious contents inside. Brushing aside all random possibilities that came to my head, I was in awe of the gorgeous brown pack of the cake whose name was Romance. 🙂

I am a doodle fan and the label had some lovely doodle font on it. It was cute. So I put a pot of boiling water on the stove and took out my precious Typhoo tea bag and put it in the mug. The cake needed a companion and what is better than tea. 🙂

The cake is made with wheat flour, contains eggs and nuts. Dietary preference must be considered carefully before the purchase.

Priced at INR 50, it can be a perfect in a diwali basket/to serve guests at home/for lunch-snack boxes for kids.

The cake is not pre sliced so that gives you an opportunity to be as generous as you please.

The cake has a generous amount of nuts, orange peel and raisin in each bite. However it was a little dry for my taste but I guess that is what shall make it last long enough. With tea it goes perfectly as it gets the much needed moisture. I love the color of the outer cake surface, deep dark brown <3. And oh the waft made me dig into more than one slice ;)

My tea companion and me give a thumbs up to the new product. Go on and gift yourself some happiness 🙂 Ting ting ta ding *Britannia style.



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