by Pallavi Purani

The Baroda Eating out Guide

I have been to Baroda precisely 3 times in the last year and have been able to enjoy the amazing food this place has to offer.

I could not click pictures as I forgot to carry my camera and I was always too swamped to click pictures before gulping down the food. Nontheless, here are the must have’s:

Dabeli- The Kutchi Dabeli is God’s gift to the world. You get the choice of plain, butter, double butter, double masala, double peanuts, crispy, with extra sev or without. Each nook and corner shall have the same taste. [ Tried and tested.]

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Dal na Vada- This is your very own Moong dal vada, fried to perfection and served with Kadhi. Yes you heard it right. It is a stunning combination of crisp vadas, soft inside and when dipped in the kadhi it is like a marriage made in heaven. It is served with fried hari mirch and onions.

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Triple Schezwan Noodles- This genius dish comes in 3 parts. First is a salad which had cabbage and onions with some vinegar. Second some vegetable Manchurian in gravy. Third and most important component is Rice-Noodles and crisp Manchurian tossed in sauces and spices to make a red bowl of food. It is OUTSTANDING and one must forget the Real Chinese and relish this version 🙂

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Cold cocoa and Fruit Salad- A gujju street food meal is incomplete without one of these. I made cold cocoa at home sometime back and it turned out very well. It is nothing but milk, cornflour, cocoa powder, ice cream and chunks of chocolate thickened and chilled to perfection. Fruit salad is nothing but fruit custard.

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Shahi Tukda- Dont confuse this one with the sweet version. This has full on spice and pieces of Pav in it. It is a genius dish. I have to comment on the pav’s that I tasted at Baroda, super soft and yummyliciois. I could not get enough of this one.

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Papdi No Loth- This is basically spiced rice flour dough that is steamed to perfection and devoured with Oil and masala. Trust me you would not have had anything like this EVER.

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Locho- Like the name suggests it is a crazy concoction of practically left over khaman-dhokla. It is mixed with chutneys, some flattened rice and sev and served warm.

The other usual suspects are pani poori, sev puri, dahi poori, fafda, pav bhaji, khaman, dhokla, khandvi et al.

More about the gujju wedding that I went to coming up soon.

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